Spring Boot



The warm friendly people of Newfoundland Canada, let nothing go to waste. Old rubber boots with holes in them serve as amusing planters for spring flowers.

Green Needle


Sticking straight up from the valley floor like a green needle is Kuka‘emoku, the Iao Needle. The park offers trails to view the landscape and a botanical garden with the lush Hawaiian vegetation on display. This area on the upwind side of the west side of Maui receives plenty of rain, supporting the abundant growth. The topography and moist environment makes for enjoyable cloud watching as the sky is constantly changing. Be sure to have a clean micro fiber cloth handy to wipe your camera lens dry.

Bell Tower


Mission San Diego de Alcalá located near San Diego, California was the first Franciscan Mission in New Spain (California). The current structure is actually the fourth church on the mission location,

Cold Sun


Not truly from a cold time of the year, but those cobalt blue skies, dim sun, and skeletons of Spruce trees sure make it feel chilly. In fact the edge of a glacier was not far away. Hiking along the Grinnel trail, in Glacier National Park.

Take Flight


A colorful butterfly pair, with one deciding to take flight. These amazing creatures are residents of the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West, Florida. The protected environment, provides optimum conditions for nearly 100 different species of butterflies. Unfortunately, the free flying folks do not wear name tags. Do any of my readers have a species name for these two? Thanks.

Beach Cafe


South Beach Miami is known for its Art Deco architecture, pastel colors and use of neon lightning. No color here, but the black and white scene can make it feel as if it comes from another age.

Post Rail Orchard


On a cold winter day (at least in the northern hemisphere), perhaps a view of green summer scene from a fruit orchard on Orcas island in the San Juan Islands archipelago will brighten your day.

Buttercup Boat


Along the rugged northwest coast of Newfoundland Canada one can find many boats, skiffs and perhaps a dingy or two. Some of these craft are used by the local fisherman on a daily basis for their livelihood. Others are pulled ashore to weather in the damp maritime air. All make find photographic subjects. This red and white vessel contrasting with the yellow blooms of buttercups was found near Port au Choix.

Fence Zag


This fence with its zig-zag character was found near the southern tip of San Juan island in the island archipelago by the same name. The islands are part of the state of Washington and can only be reached by ferry. There are 6 main islands in the group with Orcas island and San Juan the most traveled. All however provide a wonderful escape.

Fernandina History


This 1912 structure that is currently the Post Office, has served as the Custom House and Courthouse in downtown Fernandina Beach Florida. The town and surrounding area has played key roles in U.S. history and has been occupied and re-occupied by many different nations through several conflicts. It is often referred to as the Isle of 8 flags for the number of flags that have flown over the city.